Wheelhouses have grown in popularity over the years. They have also become more fancy with many amenities. One of those amenities are heated tanks to store waste and grey water. With this new feature comes the need for winter dump stations. Thankfully, there has just been another winter dump station added so there are now two different dump stations in the area to dispose of that waste so it doesn’t end up in the environment.

Top 10 Reasons Couples Love Ice Fishing Together on Lake of the Woods

As February is approaching, there are some people’s minds that turn to love, romance and the color red. Of course everyone knows February 14th is Valentine’s Day. There are many couples who have made it their tradition to spend Valentine’s Day up at Lake of the Woods. Whether special time together happens in a day fish house or in a sleeper fish house, the coziness of being in a warm fish house out on a big, frozen lake is just what some couples need and look forward to each and every year.

Slices of Life

Slices of Life

It’s been nearly two months and I still keep his phone charged. I check it each morning. We didn’t share the same thumbprint, but I knew his password, as he did mine. It was like that between us. We shared almost everything.


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