Slices of Life

Slices of Life

Thank you, friends

This column is dedicated to friends. Old friends. New friends. New friends who will one day be old friends. Family you’d chose as friends. Best friends. Casual friends. Facebook friends. Editor friends I’ve never met. Peripheral friends. Understanding friends. People you casually encounter who may not be friends (yet) but feel like they are. You all are golden.

I learned this recently, out of necessity.

I don’t consider myself a dependent person – quite the opposite. Most of the time I’m pretty indy (read: mom cool). Some of this can be chalked up to my heritage. I come from people who lived months in a frozen climate. This may have led to intimate cuddling and large families, but mostly it led to long months of isolation due to the frigid temperatures. This created a toughness and resiliency known as “cold nose, warm heart.”

My ancestors’ hearts may have been warm, but the rest of their bodies were not, hence the large parkas and extra blankets. It’s difficult to hug through a puffy parka and billowing blanket. Take it from my great grandparents.

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