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Slices of Life

In defense of Karen (Dedicated to all the innocent Karens in the world)

None of us chooses our own name (at least not the original one.) Let that sit for a moment. You might be John or Steve or Julie or Lisa, but not by choice. Most likely your name came by the choice of your parents.

Imagine that another Steve or Julie did something publicly embarrassing. What if John or Lisa acted in a manner that caused others to shake their heads in disbelief and mumble, “Man what were they thinking?”

And then, ponder Karen. Poor, poor Karen. (Not the original manager-seeking one, but those who just happen to have that same name.)

I counted and I’ve known an estimated 12 Karens during my lifetime. An even dozen – by and large they were an agreeable lot. Not condescending. Not complainers. Not unkind. Not entitled. Not demanding. Not unreasonable. None of those things.

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