A moment of silence

It’s my job to come up with words each week. It’s become almost a habit, but I’ve wondered what I’ll do when the words don’t come, as I suspect will happen at some point. So far, though, I’ve been able to find something to say. Or maybe nothing to say, but the words have been there nonetheless. Over the last few days I’ve pondered words and how our lives are filled with a plethora of them. On the news.At the dinner table. At work.At home. Online. Through texts.On the phone.On social media.Billboards. Message boards.


Hashing it out with hashtags.So many of us with so much to say. And, despite this overabundance of letters strung together to form thoughts and ideas, sometimes there are no words. I’ve even expressed this sentiment out loud (or at least out loud on Facebook). Sometimes a situation unfolds where words prove inadequate in describing the feelings and sentiments behind them. And then there are the times when words may suffice, but silence is golden. Sometimes maybe instead of more words, what we need most is silence.


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