March Gardening Tips

Cold weather and frozen ground usually stop gardeners from digging in the ground during the month of March. However, there are many other activities that satisfy the urges to start planting and other tasks that will result in a more beautiful yard once warm weather arrives. Timing and proper techniques are important for many late winter and early spring jobs. An important reminder is to protect the southwest trunk of newly planted apple trees as well as other newly planted trees. The bark on these trees is not tough enough to prevent the freeze thaw that happens at this time of the year.


On bright sunny days the sunshine is reflected back onto the trunk of the tree. This makes the sap start to move and then it turns cold and night and freezes again. If this happens over and over again the bark will break open and leave a wounded area. This can kill these trees. So protect the south and west sides by painting with white latex paint. Putting the tubes around to protect the trunk will help if they are not on already. Also protect from rabbits that love apple and fruit trees.


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