Container Gardening

In a world of limited time and space, container gardens seem to make more and more sense. Containers allow you to enjoy growing plants in places you thought impossible or unthinkable. Poor soil, unpredictable weather, and limited space are no longer excuses for not being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening’

The popularity of container gardening has exploded. Container gardening allows you to create special gardens to fit any situation. Plants in containers are showing up everywhere from front porches to rooftops, and window sills to backyard patios. Containers can be used to provide focal points, divide spaces, create privacy, screen objectionable views, accent the landscape, or grow tasty herbs, fruits and vegetables. Containers can change the entire look of a landscape by providing instant color anywhere at any time. Even when there is ample room to garden in the ground, well-placed containers within the garden can provide easy-to-achieve seasonal changes. Successful container gardeners know that a good looking, well-maintained and long-lasting container doesn’t just happen on its own.


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