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When the library is used, one needs to carefully evaluate what you find. Sometimes sources may give their own opinion or evaluation of what you find. Even newspaper sources need to be carefully examined and compared to what information you may have in your files. One cannot believe or trust information in print. However, print remains an excellent source.

Rural Reflections

Rural Reflections

I remember advertisements in the back of magazines with offers to work from home. I think this job situation was sort of the dream scenario for many people. I just spent the last three decades NOT working from home. I like being at home and as such always requested longer shifts but fewer of them as I knew there was efficiency in longer, fewer shifts. I also would prefer fewer, but longer work days, as I knew there was a one and half hour investment of my time getting ready for work and about ½ hour returning home. The fewer times I invested my time in preparation and transportation - the more free time I had at the end of the day. Creating longer, fewer shifts was easy on a 24-hour schedule and it worked great for the employee and employer.


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