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Slices of Life

None of us chooses our own name (at least not the original one.) Let that sit for a moment. You might be John or Steve or Julie or Lisa, but not by choice. Most likely your name came by the choice of your parents.

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Rural Reflections

My summer is shorter than most, it certainly is shorter than the calendar summer. The hottest days, the most humid afternoons - I leave those for someone else. My summer happens in little single-serving portions that I save like ketchup and mustard packets until I have enough for a meal. I assemble my summer from various parts until I can look back and say, “this is my summer.”

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Gardener’s Corner

Tulip, daffodil and crosus bulbs begin to arrive in garden centers and nurseries at this time of the year. Before purchasing your bulbs, it is important to check for any signs of disease or damage, such as cuts or bruises. The bulb should be firm, and have a protective papery skin surrounding it. Any structure which is soft or has mold growing on it should be discarded.


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