Gardener’s Corner


We have had a lot of snow this winter. Is it going to be of any benefit for our gardens this coming summer.

The benefits of snow are more than how it melts and waters our garden. Snow which furnishes not only nitrogen but also phosphorus and other minerals, yields an extra bonus for us here in the northern climates. Snow contains 40 percent less heavy water, or deuterium oxide, than normal water. Deuterium is a heavy isotope, a form of hydrogen but a little different. Combined with water it does not form H20, the water molecule, but D20 instead. Heavy water, according to the Russian scientists who observed this, slows down some chemical and biological processes of growing plants. When the heavy-water molecules are removed, plants seem to grow faster. Thus crops are aided in short-season, snowy climates such as that of Alaska. Even fog contributes to the soil’s fertility, especially along the seacoast, where it brings in large quantities of iodine, nitrogen, and chlorine.


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